eCommerce theory

I will use this area to post some of my ideas on eCommerce. A few areas of eCommerce I am specifically interested in are:

– interface and UX design from the user perspective.
– different business models
– creative ways to meet customer needs
– new potential store types with the new technology

Here are a few blog posts i have written on eCommerce. I hope to eventually put these into book format.

Ecommerce design – header

Commerce design– category list pages

Ecommerce design – home page

New types of stores

Why shop online?

Why NOT shop online

Retail, a game of nuance


1. e-commerce theory 

Type of product
Type of customer

Type of situations

Do not know and trust the store
Need the product soon
Do not like getting deliveries
Cannot see or try on the product in person. (information
Niche stores
Omnichanel stoes
Large On-line stores / marketplaces / hybrids (amazon)
Small stores – low barrier to entry
Small sellers in marketplaces (eBay) (craigslist) (etsey) 
Shipping / return expectations
familiarity – NEW
Search Engine – Google
Marketplace – Amazon
Social Media
TV / Real-World
– Where we get our products
Different types of people selling
– amazon (convient)
– apple (phone with you at all times
– eBay (anyone can sell) (deal, unique)
– google (discover)
– alibab (globaliszations)
– rawkitan (empower the individual)
– wish (discover) great for discovery, impulse buy
– jet (match cost to price)
– Zapos – great customer service.
– Target everyday products with style.
– walmart- good price
– sentry delivery – fresh growsers dlivery
– Craigslist. – local used deal
examine 7 shopping experiences and what did and did not work.

things to look for in experience

1. interesting ways to discover / what you are looking for or other things you may want
2. social proof / reviews
2.5 info on product / reviews
3. scarcity
4. easy to order / easy payment
5. easy to find accessories / add ons
6. get reviews
7. do good type store
8. answer the questions when they need
9. singularly  focused pages
10. deal / anchor points
11. eliminate “online fears”
12. lifestyle type products / utilitarian type products
13. comparisons
14. innovative ways to shop

15. innovative delivery ideas
4. elements of a site:
– price,
– Iot amazon
– 4th transformation
– inevitable
– why we buy
– buyoligy
– word of mouse
– Location is still everything
– the mobile shift
– new rules of retail
– the amazon way