art / design

Here are a few of my art and design projects. I have been a professional graphic designer for almost 20 years. This is not meant to be a full portfolio but a place where i am displaying some of my design work as well as art projects.

Alphabet illustrations
These are illustrated letters that i drew with sharpie on 8.5×11 paper and scared into adobe illustrator. I then turned the hand drawings into vector illustrations and added color.

Riverwest 24 Events and Party
I was lucky enough to not only bike in the RW24 Bike race but in the years that I did not bike because of knee issues I was able to add artistically. I was heavily influenced by the two years that I had a chance to visit Burning man. 3 of years i gave out smoothies to the riders, helped out with a block party for the event and added art along the ride.
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Illustrations – adobe illustrator 
These are a series of designs done in adobe illustrator.

hand drawn illustrations
here are some illustration done by hand and scanned into adobe illustrator.

I have designed well over a 100 t-shirst for fun. These were done using iron on paper with prints form adobe illustrator. After printing out on 8.5×11 paper i would cut the designs into different shapes and apply them to t-shirts. Here are some of the designs.

Big Drawing


Outdoor Room