I am using this site to showcase some of my ideas, projects and other interests.
Basics:  I am lucky to live in Colorado with my wonderful wife, talented teenage stepson and to work at Sustainable Supply with great coworkers in an exciting industry.



I am fascinated with the evolving ways we can acquire goods and services. The many changes in technology have had an immense impact on the possibilities of what goods we can screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-00-10-pmdiscover, afford, have access to as well as how and when we can get them. New technology changes how we get items and what we want. New norms and expectations will impact customer satisfaction as well as encourage different types of business models. We have a long way to go in both the technology and platforms we use. I am very fortunate to be working in this field with a great company.

I am specifically interested in breaking down what we really care about in ethics and separate if from the current norms and beliefs as well as look at how we should use different frameworks in ethics to answer different questions. The main question I am interested in answering revolves around understanding how consequence based normative ethics can be looked at in an A.I. post-singularity world. What bottom line goal could we give A.I if it starts to updates its own program?

Projects (just for fun)
These are a few of the just for fun projects that I have worked over the years.


Endurance Sports

I have enjoyed a number of endurance sports including endurance biking, running, and triathlon.


Book Notes

I am an avid reader (listener) on many topics including psychology, business, marketing, self-improvement, philosophy, sociology, technology, startup, and design. I am working on taking notes related to the ideas in many of the books I read so I will have quick access to many important ideas I do not want to forget and can share with others.